“with in” is a boxed portfolio of 14 prints limited to an edition of 8. "with in" refers to a description of physical space as well as to subjective experiences of the physical space we call experience. The project is also an exploration of formal properties of a particular camera, film, and working approach.

My great-great-grandfather Moses Brennan, who spent most of his life picking rocks out of potato fields once remarked to some young fellows who were helping him do the same, “The thing about rocks is that every one is different”.

Creation of the “with in” portfolio was supported in part by the Vermont Arts Council and the Lattie Coor Fund, University of Vermont.

within portfolio
within portfolio title page
Texas Canyon, AZ (quartz monzonite)
Lone Pine, CA (monzogranite)
Joshua Tree, CA (monzogranite)
Grand Manan, NB (basalt)
Grand Manan, NB (basalt)
Grand Manan, NB (basalt)
Grand Manan, NB (basalt)
Grand Manan, NB (basalt)
Grand Manan, NB (basalt)
Owens River, CA (columnar rhyolite)
Horseshoe Canyon, UT (sandstone)
Dardanelles, CA (basalt)
Castolon, TX (tuff, tephra)